About us

Ushby is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, focused internationally with two primary goals, practicing technical journalism and providing technical career solutions to individuals, around the world. At the same time, this organization recognizes no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda, in order to implant a materialistic scientific outlook on life.

First goal: Technical Journalism

Ushby practices technical journalism only, we do not push opinion nor politics, we rather help the viewer learn skills and obtain understanding of various technologies, such as the GNU/Linux operating system for example. Since we are based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we definitely stand with the laws of the European Union and abide by the Lithuanian constitution and law. Even though we work internationally, we still take local legal matters seriously and have no intention in breaking or reforming any laws.

Second goal: Providing Technical Career Solutions to Individuals

Ushby organization provides technical support to individuals around the world, in order for them to provide services, the income of these services is fully obtained by these individuals themselves. Our organization won’t provide this support until it makes sure that the work is legal, and the taxes are being paid accordingly to the licenses designated in the country of the individual. We provide a Client & Project Resource Management System that allows everyone to receive requests, issue invoices, sort out information and payments, while records remain and get backed up every other month.

The services provided by the individuals are in the following fields:

    • Linguistics
      • Translation
      • Proofreading
      • Software localization
    • Industrial Analysis
      • Through Studies and guides
      • With third party contributors
      • For startups and businesses
    • Artwork
    • Cyber Security
    • Power Saving and Management

How do we handle the financial aspect

The organization lives economically off of donations through Paypal, Bitcoin and Monero. We also depend materially off of the investment of our effort. When donations are received, they are used to pay the salaries of the staff. If unintended profit was found, it gets handled as corporate income, gets reported and paid with taxes. We also care and might provide donations to 12 step programs and drug rehabilitation, prevention and treatment causes.

To remove confusion between the two primary goals of the organization, individuals who provide services aren’t allowed to participate in our Journalism, unless it’s for non-profitable reasons.

Other involvements

Since we use GNU/Linux to run our local servers and computers and because we believe in the same way as them, we are more than proud to declare full endorsement to the Free Software Foundation.  We encourage our supported individuals to do so, and likewise, we are official volunteer members and campaigners at the FSF. If you are interested in becoming so, register to the community by going to : https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/fsf-community-team, or contact us to guide you.

For any inquiries.. you contact us at management@ushby.org

To view our data policy.. download this document : Ushby-Data-Protection-Policy.pdf

Licensed under: GNU General Public License V3 and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0 .


Powered by:

  • Ushby Technical Team
  • Open Source
  • GNU/Linux
    • Arch – Manjaro
    • Debian – Ubuntu (XFCE)
    • Debian – Ubuntu – Kodachi (XFCE)
    • Debian – Peppermint OS
  • PHP
    • Joomla
    • WordPress
    • Yii 2.0
      • HumHub
  • Python
  • JavaScript



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