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RPN : Remote Private Network

We'll do the VPN, Tor and DNScrypt work for you. Just connect to us.

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Your machine will be somewhere else!

Another form of security.

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Linux Kodachi, not just a Dashboard

But all the Security Services.

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The System

RPN vs VPN/Tor

Understanding the difference.

RPN is not a replacement to VPN, it helps you implement it and secure it further. With the former, you wouldn't need as many ports as you would with a direct VPN connection. Security is added because the machine that is running the VPN and/or Tor instance, is not your machine. You would be remotly connecting to it. RPN works visually, it doesn't process digital data, but only a rendered image. This method has Pros and Cons, but for specific criterias, people and businesses.. it proved to be useful and fixes the instabilities that can happen in an unstrusted VPN connection

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Request a PDF with Video and Audio Demonstration.


Technology Used

Kodachi, what?

Wide system of tools.

USHBY RPN service includes not just VPN, but Tor, DnsCrypt and TorCrypt. These connectivities are built not only by us, but mainly by DIGI77.

What Ushby does for you is to install many system versions inside our cluster of containers, and then give access to a live running Linux Kodachi for each client. We have Persistent installtion plans that help you save snapshots of your system and even store encypted files for later. You can use casual apps like Wire, Viber and Thunderbird, only this time, very secured.


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Basic
  • 500GB SSD
  • 2 Core CPU's
  • 4GB RAM
  • Office hours Support
  • $ 99 per month

  • Premium
  • 1TB SSD
  • 4 Core CPU's
  • 8GB RAM
  • Endless Support
  • $ 199 per month